Heating System Powerflush

MagnaCleanse Powerflush SystemHeating System Powerflush Service

£500 + VAT

A Powerflush is a full heating system clean. This service will clear sludge and dirt build up which causes cold spots in radiators. The service includes: Magnetic System filter install and a Refill of the System Inhibitor to add system protection.

Our Powerflush service uses the MagnaCleanse system.

Results Of A MagnaCleanse Service

The thermal imaging photos below demonstrate the significant results of a MagnaCleanse Service on a radiator. Prior to the service, cold areas are present in the radiator (see the blue areas in the before image), this caused a 36% loss in heat output. Following the service, the cold spots are eliminated in the radiator and an optimum level of heat output is restored (see the after image).

MagnaCleanse FLIR - Before & After








As part of our service, we will also take thermal image photos of all your radiators to show that they are clear and working efficiently.

Example Of Deposits Removed From A MagnaClean Product

MagnaCleanse Sludge Results











Please contact us to arrange your Powerflush.