Central Heating

Central Heating & Radiator Repairs

Whether you have lost all heating in your property or can not figure out how to switch it on.  Contact us and if we can we will get you back up and running.

Day by day, people are finding ways to make items more economical and efficient – the same applies to radiators!  Whether you are refurbishing your property and want to install slim line radiators, move radiators into different locations or you would like to make the room heat quicker (meaning your boiler works less, saving you money!), we can help!

Our engineers are trained in working out the amount of heat required to heat rooms up and will be able to quote you the size of the radiators you will need.  They will also be able to advise on more efficiencient options such as TRV’s and foil insulation, meaning your heating will work at its most efficient capacity.  All our radiators come with a minimum of a 10 year warranty and the system will be cleaned and inhibitor added to protect the new radiators from corrosion and sludge build up.