Boiler Installation

Boiler Installations

There are many reasons you may decide to replace your boiler.  The main one being boiler breakdowns offering a non economical repair cost, poor efficiency and conversion installations, from an old system boiler to a new combi boiler.  Our engineers will explain everything needed to you during a free boiler installation survey and advise you on options and prices.  If your boiler breaks down we will endeavour to get you back up and running as soon as possible, however sometimes if parts are not readily available or if the boiler is old and the engineer can demonstrate that the boiler maybe become unserviceable in the near future, it may be a replacement is more of an economical sound choice for the customer. Every new boiler installation comes with a variety of Worcester Bosch guarantees, see the Worcester Bosch guarantees section on this page or ask your installer for further details.

Energy efficient based boiler replacements are normally advised when a boiler is relatively old, 10 years or more.  Whilst it may still be working, a massive 40% can be saved on gas bills a year by installing a new boiler.  This can be further enhanced by installing other products such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s), boiler jackets, radiator foil and thermostat programmers (such as the NEST system).  We offer advice to the customer on how to improve efficiency within the property at the best price.

There are many benefits of converting from a vented/non-vented system with a hot water tank to a combi system. These include; instant hot water, increased efficiency, more space due to the removal of the tanks within your property and most importantly increased mains pressure on the hot water meaning showers will be more powerful.  These conversions cost less than you’d think, so call us today to arrange a free no obligation quote.

All our installations include new energy efficient controls. We discuss the heating control options with all our installation customers to make sure that the selected control suits their needs. Our Worcester Bosch guarantees also covers these controls, giving the customer even more peace of mind.


 Worcester Bosch Extended Guarantees

As a Worcester Bosch Group accredited installer, we are able to offer extended guarantees to clients that have a new boiler installed by us. The length of these extended guarantees vary depending on the boiler model. If you are interested in arranging an extended guarantee, let your installer know.



Worcester Bosch Heating Controls

Heating controls have developed significantly from the simple thermostat based controls. Worcester Bosch offer a varied range of different controls to best suit your lifestyle and ensure that you are able to get the most out of your new boiler. Worcester Bosch’s range of controls will help you to control your heating system so it serves you and operates at peak performance.

The range of controls varies from a Simple Control which operates with a mechanical clock to an Internet Connected Control, which you to manage your boiler via an app.


MT10RF Mechanical RF Thermostat

The MT10RF Mechanical Themostat is a simple control device for setting heating start and stop time. It will allow you to set your heating from the control on the wall, so there is no need to access the boiler.
Worcester MT10RF Mechanical RF Thermostat


Greenstar Comfort II Programmable Thermostat

The Greenstar Comfort II Programmable Room Thermostat is a more advanced control device. This wireless control has 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day and you can set you heating programme at the room thermostat.
Worcester Greenstar Comfort II Programmable Thermostat


FW100 Weather Compensation Controller with Weather Sensor

The FW100 Weather Compensation Controller is an intelligent control device which uses an external weather sensor to automatically adjust your boiler settings in response to the outside temperature. This controller is specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your boiler.
Worcester FW100 Weather Compensation Controller

Internet Connected

Wave Smart Internet Connected Control

The Wave Smart Control is the most advanced heating control available from Worcester Bosch. This internet connected control allows you to manage your boiler on the move through a compatible smart device. Not only is this control smart, it is also incredibly secure; you can rest assured that your data will not be shared.
Worcester Wave Smart Internet Connected Control

Worcester Bosch Guarantee Enquiries

For all Worcester Bosch guarantee enquiries, we recommend that you call Worcester Bosch directly on: 0330 123 9559.